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Medical Assistance Planning

Medical Assistance

Even the most generous of health insurance plans end up will a stack of medical bills in your mailbox. As you or your loved ones age, and the costs of care continue to increase, that bill gets even bigger. The lawyers at Markve & Zweifel can help build a plan so you know you’ll get the care you need, and deserve, without having to sell each and every item you’ve worked so hard for. Whether you’d like to pass assets on to your heirs before it’s too late, make preparations so that you can remain in your home as long as possible, or you need some assistance completing the paperwork and application to receive state assistance to offset the cost of care, we can help.

Schedule a meeting with one of our lawyers to learn more about medical assistance planning.

At the initial consultation, we’ll discuss your assets, income, goals and needs to determine ways to ensure you can get the care you deserve without loosing everything you’ve worked for.