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The COVID-19 Pandemic and its aftermath has wreaked havoc on both landlords and tenants. Evictions, both on the commercial and residential side, are often messy and expensive. The attorneys at Markve & Zweifel, PLLC aggressively and proactively negotiate on your behalf to resolve your dispute before it even gets to Court. We know what carrots and sticks to use to get the other side to the table.
If you must file or defend against eviction, we ensure your rights are protected and that they are enforced in Court. Local housing rules at the city and state levels are changing almost weekly. We do the hard work of staying at the cutting edge of landlord-tenant law so you can rest easy when your court date arrives.


Commercial Leases

While commercial landlords and tenants are less protected than their residential counterparts, the disputes themselves are often far more complicated. We leverage decades of real estate transaction experience to help you navigate reviewing new leases, and negotiating disputes over repairs and maintenance, utilities, tax issues, and common area disputes.
Our attorneys have seen it all – rentals with “oral” leases, handshake deals gone awry, and that form you found online that violated all kinds of tenant protections required by Minnesota statutes. If you’re a Landlord we’ll ensure your investment is protected with a lease that makes sense for you and complies with Minnesota laws. If you’re a Tenant ensure your rights are being respected and that you know what you’re getting into.