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Title Issues

Title Issues

“Title” to real estate is a tricky topic. Most property owners know nothing more about the title to their land than the simple fact that they think the seller signed a deed transfer the property to them at closing. It’s only when an issue arises – say your new neighbor is insisting you tear out the beautiful willow tree your kids love to climb in because it’s on their land, you get a notice from a bank or a municipality that they’re owed money and will foreclose if they’re not paid, or you’re at the closing table ready to sell and learn someone else’s name is on the deed – that we ever really look into the property records.

No matter what the title issue or defect is, the lawyers at Markve & Zweifel can help. Our team has cleared title and corrected defects in many ways:

    • Providing letters of undertaking to ensure a closing can happen on time, as planned despite any title issues that still need be resolved.
    • Drafting and enforcing easements
    • Obtaining cartways
    • Negotiating liens – mechanic’s, taxes and medical assistance
    • Taking legal action such as probates, quiet titles, proceeding subsequents, adverse possession, partition actions and evictions.